Connecting Movements (2014)

An exploration of the tension between individual and collective identity in which the motion of each of the 3 dancers is combined to control the shape and movement of a single abstract glowing avatar made up of connected points of light. Over the course of the performance, the dancers take turns donning a wireless virtual reality headset enabling them to see their collective movement from within the virtual world.


Athomas Goldberg
Thecla Schiphorst


prOphecy sun
Maria Lantin


Sarah Fdili Alaoui
Shannon Cuykendall
Lesley Kosinki

Wireless VR Headset

David Clement

Software & Technical Development:

Dhruv Adhia
Norm Jaffe
Tom Landry
Sean Arden
Rick Overington

Connecting Movements was made possible through the SSHRC-funded Moving Stories research project and the CANARIE-funded Movement + Meaning (M + M) middleware software initiative.

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