DUAL (2016)

photos © Ash Tanasiychuk 2016

Inspired by gravitational waves, two performers move to a virtual world co-created by their movements, and the audience. Blending pre-choreographed sequences and prompted improvisations, the performance is a call and response play between performers, audience, objects, and chance.

DUAL was performed in March of 2016 at ONE Art Space in NYC as part of scores + traces: exposing the body through computation, an interdisciplinary media art exhibition that presents works by artists whose creative practice challenges conventional understanding of movement, perception, body and computation.

Art Leads:

Maria Lantin
Ken Perlin
David Lobser
Thecla Schiphorst

Tech Leads:

Sebastian Herscher
Connor Defanti


Thomas Meduri
Wyna Liu
Sonia Foltarz
Clare Carroll
Dominique Lufrano


Yunji Shin
Krystal Perkins


Wenbo Lan

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