Athomas Goldberg

Athomas Goldberg is a 20-year veteran of the computer graphics and video game industries specializing in real-time interactive animation and behavior-based AI systems.  He has worked for several major game developers, including Electronic Arts, where he oversaw the architecture and development of ANT, the character animation system currently in use across all of EA’s sports and action titles, as well as Relic Entertainment, Microsoft Studios, Oculus VR, and Epic Games. He continues to provide animation expertise on character-based interactive entertainment and education projects through his company, Lifelike & Believable Animation Design.

His new media performance practice seeks to marry the visual expressivity of modern graphics technologies, including motion capture, procedural animation, stereo 3D projection and virtual / augmented reality with the emotional immediacy of live performance techniques drawn from theatre, dance, circus arts and Bunraku puppetry. His most recent work, worlds, which he co-directed with Thecla Schiphorst, featured 5 dancers on 3 stages in 2 cities (Vancouver & Montreal) separated by 3700 km, performing together in a shared virtual world.


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