Sean Arden

Sean Arden is an artist /film maker holding a Master of Applied Arts in Media from Emily Carr University. He has over 12 years experience implementing experimental technologies for the arts. Animation, video installation and photography have historically been Sean’s focus. More recently his research into stereoscopic 3D communication techniques, positions Sean’s practice with stereoscopic video, photography and their tools into a discourse around media arts. By exploring the subtleties of the effects of 3D, a new form of more physical communication emerges in relation to the viewer, especially in an installation context. Arden’s work has been exhibited internationally and locally at the Western Front, New Forms Festival, Charles H Scott Gallery and Your Kontinent Media Arts Festival. 

Sean is a research technician at Emily Carr University’s Intersections Digital Studio and has over a decade’s worth of Research and Development expertise. He currently manages multiple projects out of the Prototyping, Media and Programming Lab (PMP Lab) using cutting edge technologies to develop new innovations in the field of media, immersive technology and image capture. His current projects include, VRoaming ( Untethered Virtual Reality using Motion Capture), wireless device communication in VR and the development of proptics (physical interactive props that coincide with a virtual counterpart), Stereoscopic 4K High Framerate production and HDR video capture. 

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